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Julius Heinemann
Afterimage. Aquarelle 2015-2022

Julius Heinemann's practice is based on the study of the different layers of perception, understood as a key for the relationship between the subject and the other – an "other" that can also be called reality, society, world, etc. Heinemann analyses how perception forms "images" –fragments of continuously updated information from the outside– with which we can deal with concepts such as time and space, crucial for the articulation of these sensory relations.

"Afterimage. Aquarelle 2015-2022"
With a text by Yara Sonseca Mas (Spanish/German/English)
168 pages with 118 colour images, hardcover
Spanish/English and German/English Version
Design: This Side Up
Publisher: Jahn und Jahn, Munich and This Side up, Madrid, 2022

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